Campaign Path Manager

The campaign Path manager is the controller of the campaign destinations like the landing pages and offers. Here you can control the destinations assigned paths, links, rotations, and rules of the campaign. 

Destination Routes

Destination routes are the link paths for the campaign destination link. The destination link can route visitors to a landing page or directly to an offer. You can also control your destinations by rotating them, or assigning rules to route segments of your visitors to different destinations. 

Offer Links

Offer Links are the link paths for the campaign offers. Offer Links can be used in the destination landing pages or for direct linking through their own individual direct offer links that can be grabbed in the Settings. 

  • (A) Link Control - Controller to Add and Remove links in the campaign path. New links are added to the link position tabs.

Offer Paths

Offer Paths allow you to add additional routes that can be assigned to landing pages or linked to directly using the offer path links. Useful for when rotating landing pages that use different offer groups, by allowing you to dynamically change the link paths without having to update the campaign link count.  

  • (A) Create Path - Click on the button to add a new offer path.  
  • (B) Assigned Routes - Control the offer path the landing page. The assigned landing page will link to this offer path dynamically.  

Rotating Destinations

Rotate the campaign Destinations to dynamically send visitors to the winning landing page or offer. Assign the distributed weight to control the percentage of the total clicks that will go to the destination. 

  • (A) Add Destinations - Select the offers and landing pages to add to the path rotation. 
  • (B) Edit Destination - Remove, Pause, or Edit the destination from the rotation.
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