Campaign Settings

Change the default redirect modes and URL parameter options of the campaign. 

Redirect Modes 

  • Normal - Does not hide or change the referral data. The link is redirected using a simple 302 redirect and the landing page or traffic source domain is the referral.
  • Secure  - Uses a Meta Refresh to Blank all referral data and starts a new referral session from the tracking domain to ensure your landing page domain is not in the referral. 
  • Cloaking - Double Meta Refresh blanks all the referral data to then forward it to another selected tracking domain that refreshes the referral data once again. This hides your campaign tracking domain and referral landing page.  

Pass URL Parameters

  • Tokens Only - System will strip all the URL variables and only forward the URL tokens that are setup in the Destination URLs to the landing page and offers.
  • All - System will allow all parameters in the URL to be passed to the destination link.
  • Include Offer External ID Tokens - The system will automatically insert the external offer token variables to the destination URLs. This setting is useful to dynamically send the variables to the landing page to display the correct offer content and images of the winning rotated offer.
  • Allocation Enforcement - When an offer is capped and being used in the campaign the system will check the allocation status on initial visit only. If set to strict the system will check on visit and lander click. This affects the External ID token passed and the final Offer the Click URL in the Landing page will send the visitor too.

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