Breaking Down the Campaign Destination Link 

Destination Links

Destination links are made up of 4 Important Parts that enable Adroots to correctly track your visitors from the traffic source and into the campaign funnel. 

  • Tracking Domain (orange) -  The Domain that is setup in the system and selected for use on this campaign. DNS changes like domain expiration and name server changes can affect the campaign links when using custom domains. 
  • Campaign Tracker (red) - Indicates the Campaign Tracker directory, this points the link to the correct link type and runs the tracker scripts to extract the visitor information's and redirect them to the dynamic campaign destination.  
  • Unique Link ID (blue) - ID that allows the system to know where to redirect the visitor too. Important that this ID not change on your traffic source. Functions like a page name and any change will result in a HTTP 404 Not Found error. You can view these errors in the accounts Error Logs.
  • Traffic Source Variables (green) - All campaign links get the Traffic Source Variables appended to the URL for when you place it on the Traffic Source the variable placeholders are replaced with their value.

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