Campaign Paths

When creating new campaigns you have the option of using a custom path or a saved path. Saved Paths are useful for campaigns that share the same link flow like campaigns with different traffic sources and target countries but use the same landing pages and offers. 

Creating a Saved Campaign Path 

To add and manage your Campaign Paths go to Manage / Properties / Campaign Elements / Campaign Paths and click on the red "+ Campaign Path" Button to create a new Campaign Path.

  • Assign a name to the path and team access control. 
  • The campaign path setup is exactly the same as a custom path but now you can save it as an individual object to assign to many campaigns that share the same link flow. 

Faster Campaign Management 

Setup saved paths for faster campaign management, when changes are made to the saved campaign path the links of all the campaigns assigned will be affected. 

  • This allows you to have unlimited campaigns using the same Campaign Path Manager, and still track each individual link in the reports for the traffic source performance in the path. 

Assigning Campaigns to a Saved Campaign Path

Campaigns that use Saved Campaign Paths still contain their own unique links and settings. Each campaign will still have their own redirect settings, tracking domains, postbacks, and audience pixels that you assign to the individual campaign.  

  • In the same Campaign Settings and Setup Menu you can find the campaign path type and the saved path field for selection. 
  • The campaign path type can be updated at anytime in an active campaign. You can always switch from a saved path to a custom path during the life of the campaign. 
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