Audience Pixels

The audience pixel allows you to set popular retargeting pixel scripts on your campaign links. The most popular examples are Facebook Pixel, and Adwords Remarketing Tag but the feature works with any JavaScript pixel. 

Example Use-case Scenarios 

  • Allows affiliates and advertisers that do not have access to the offers code or the landing page (Direct Linking Campaigns) to set their own retargeting pixels through the Adroots tracking links. 
  • Easily manage the dozens of available remarketing pixels from one central location and across your different campaigns for fast implementation in all your digital marketing links. 
  • Segment your audience in Facebook and Google by the media buyers in your company by setting a custom campaign token that allows you to identify the traffic back to a specific owner of the campaign and link. 

Creating your Audience Pixel

To add an audience pixel go to Manage / Components / Audience Pixels and click on the red “Add audience Pixel” button. 

Audience Pixel Code and Tokens

When setting up your audience pixel you can add system tokens to the code to make the pixels dynamic. This allows you to use the same pixel in many campaigns and offers and still segment your audience by the token back in the ad platform. 

  • A good example is the Facebook Audience pixel custom events and Adwords Remarketing pixel custom parameters. By inserting system tokens you can identify and segment by the Adroots variables. 
  • Important that you test your audience pixel to verify that the code is inserted correctly, if code is inserted broken there is a high chance this can affect your tracking link redirect. 

Using Audience Pixels in your Campaigns 

Now that you have your audience pixels setup you can visit the campaign you like to use them on. Inside the campaign settings menu you can visit the Audience Pixel menu. Here you can relate the audience pixels available to the campaign. 

Audience Pixel Tracker Settings

Now that the audience pixel is connected to the campaign any tracking link related to the campaign will fire off the pixel during the destination redirect. You have the available options to fire the pixel on the initial visit, click or on both events. 

  • By choosing when you want to fire the pixel you can choose not to add the small delay on the initial visit and only target those users that click through to the offer for example by setting this menu to “clicks” only. 
  • Combined with the custom tokens that you can add this becomes a powerful feature to scale your campaigns and target those users that showed a strong interest in your campaign. 
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