Each network is different on how they pass off sub ids. We are going to discuss the variables from HasOffers/TUNE and how to pass them over to AdRoots.

First, you should be setting up your offers in AdRoots, please refer to this link on setting up your offers.

When you grab your affiliate link from a network, you want to pass AdRoots' subID within the affiliate offer links, see below:

In the above image S1 is the variable to be called by the network BUT with HasOffers/TUNE the variables are as follows, their document here.

  • aff_sub
  • aff_sub2
  • aff_sub3
  • aff_sub4
  • aff_sub5

You will see this screen within your HasOffers/TUNE account, simply clicking on Add Sub IDs in your HasOffers/TUNE account will show the screen above.

What I do personally is I just add in TEST in Sub ID 1 so it can generate a link to which I can copy and paste within AdRoots and just replace TEST with AdRotos sub ID token {sub_id}

Once that is done, you will have to copy your postback URL within your account. Head back to HasOffers/TUNE and create a pixel/postback and make sure you are passing the subid you generated in this case it would be {aff_subid}

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