What is a Landing Page

A Landing page is a destination in your campaign link that allows you to presell the offers you are promoting. Landing pages can be hosted in any hosting service or CDN. The only requirement needed in your landing page is a simple Click URL that redirects traffic back to the tracker to then dynamically point the traffic to the assigned offer that is setup in the campaign path.  

Creating your Landing Page

To add and manage your Landing Pages go to Manage / Properties / Landing Pages and click on the red "+ Landing Page" Button to create a new landing page.

Landing Page Setup Fields 

  • Team - Allows you to control access and use of the landing page to different users in the platform. 
  • Landing Page Name - A  unique name to identify the landing page
  • Landing Page URL - The Destination link that the tracker will send visitors too when the landing page is in use. 

Landing Page URL Breakdown  

When adding your Landing Page URL NO ADDITIONAL variables are needed to be passed to dynamically track the visitor to their next destination. But you can add "Tokens" to the URL so that they can be used in your landing page. 

Why use Tokens?

Marketers use tokens to personalize their Landing Pages, for example if the visitor is on a Samsung Device tokens allow you to pass that information in the URL, so that dynamically on your landing page you can use custom Samsung device images to better get the visitors attention.

How to Setup my Click URL 

On your landing page code you need to add the click URL copied from the campaign settings. All click URLs are very similar with just two important variations.

  • Tracking Domain -  Depending on the campaign tracking domain the click URLs will inherent the same domain. Important to keep the tracking domain the user enters into the landing page the same as the Click URL because sessions are stored in the domain cookies.
  • Offer Link Position - On the Click URL you will notice a number at the end of the URL, this is the position of the offer. If your landing page uses more than one link then you can replace the number with the position you wish to link too.

    Please note this is not the same as offer rotation. You can have as many offers being rotated in offer position 1, and the tracker will dynamically send the traffic to the winning rotated offer. Offer positions allow you to create review style landing pages that direct visitors to different offers depending on which product or service they clicked on. 

Landing pages are an important part of your campaign, and Adroots was made to dynamically support all types of campaign funnels, You can read more about landing pages and If you have any question on your setup please ask our team. 

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