What is an offer?

Offers are the links to the products and services your campaign is sending traffic too. Normally this is a link you obtain from the affiliate networks or advertisers you are promoting for.

Creating your Offers 

To add and manage your offers go to Manage / Properties / Offers and click on the red "+ Offer" Button to create a new offer. 

Offer Setup Fields 

  • Teams - Assign a team to the offer to control access to only members in the same team.
  • Vendor - Vendor is the affiliate network or advertiser that owns the offer. Normally your system will have one vendor and many offers that you promote for them.
  • Offer name - is a unique name to help identify the offer in the system.
  • Offer External ID - optional field used to pass this variable value in your campaign links to notify your landing page of the winning rotated offer. Learn More
  • Payout - The total commission the vendor will pay for a conversion. The payout can be dynamic because you can pass a different value in the conversion tracking script; If no value is passed on the conversion the default payout you enter here will be used. 
  • Offer URL -  The link that the vendor has provided you with to track your visits and sales.  Important you add Adroots {sub_id} token to the offer URL to properly track visits and conversions. 

Offer URL Breakdown 

When adding your Offer URL you should insert the {sub_id} token to the links tracking variable. In the example above that is the "S1" variable is the tracking variable for this vendor. 

Vendor Tracking Platforms 

Its important to understand that in order to successfully track a visit from Adroots to the vendors offer you must find the supported parameters that you can pass back to Adroots in their tracking platforms.

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