What is a Traffic Source? 

The traffic source is where you are receiving the traffic from to your campaign links. A Traffic source is normally an Ad Network that you buy ad space from that allow you to insert banners and text ads with links to the campaign. But a traffic source can also be a SEO site that you already get traffic too, or even an individual person that sends you traffic from their own different traffic sources. The important thing about traffic sources is that you track them. 

Creating your Traffic Source

To add and manage your Traffic Sources go to Manage / Properties / Traffic Sources and click on the red "+ Traffic Source" Button to create a new Traffic Source.

Traffic Source Setup Fields 

  • Teams  - Assign a team to the traffic source to control access and use to only members in the same team.
  • Traffic Source - The name of the traffic source, example Adwords, Facebook Ads, and Revcontent.  
  • Account Username - The user or username of the account in the traffic source, this is only used to further breakdown the traffic source in the reports if different users are used.
  • Postback - Traffic Source postbacks are URL codes that the traffic source provides to notify them of a conversion.  

Traffic Source Tokens 

Traffic Source tokens are the different variables that you can bid on in your traffic source platform. The tokens get added as URL Parameters to the campaign links. Traffic source tokens are an important part of your tracking because this is what allows you to optimize your campaigns based on the values passed from the traffic source. 

  • Normally traffic sources support the referral site, banner, text ad, keyword, ad position, and other specific tokens to their platform. 
  • By having this information in your reports you can optimize your offers and landing pages to find the best performing combinations to bid higher and scale
  • Or you can find the worse performing combinations to turn off that variation from the traffic source to save money and increase your ROI.  

Getting your Traffic Source Tokens

Traffic Source Tokens are provided by the traffic source ad platform, normally as a "tracking template" that is provided when you are setting up your advertising links. Every traffic source has different parameters and placeholders even if they are tracking similar variables. Traffic Source Tokens are unique to the traffic source, so its important you understand your traffic source and their available tokens.

Please Search for "Tracking Tokens", "Tracking Templates", or "Tracking Parameters" in your traffic source if you do not know what tokens to use. You can also contact us anytime for help and we will do our best to help you get started. 

Setting Up The Traffic Source Tokens

Tracking Tokens 

The tracking tokens name and positions are hard coded into the token template because they are used by other components in the system.

  • Tracking_id  - "Click ID" or "Unique Token" from the traffic source. All ad platforms have a different name for this type of token but its the value that always contains the unique id of the specific visit. This value is used to send back to the traffic source in the traffic source post backs to track conversions on the ad platform. 
  • Cost - Automatically add the cost of each visit to the campaign. Most traffic sources do not support a cost token. 

Custom Tokens 

Custom tokens are the parameters that the traffic source allows you to track. The tokens key and values are used to build the URL Parameters in your campaign links. 

  • Token - Name of the variable inside the Adroots platform. 
  • Name - A vanity name for the token inside the Adroots Platform. You can find this name in the reports to easily identify the token.  
  • Key- The variable name of the ad networks token used in the URL Parameter.
  • Value - The value of the token being tracked or the placeholder from the ad network.

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