Required Components

Before creating your first campaign the account needs to have all the required campaign components. A campaign is basically the grouping of these components in traceable links to monitor their performance and perform dynamic optimization.  

Traffic Sources - All campaigns need a traffic source to relate all the traffic too for the reports. You can associate the traffic source to many campaigns, but each campaign can only be associated to one traffic source.

Offers - Offers are the destination links the campaign redirects too. You can add one or many to track the performance of the offer in the campaign.

Landing Pages - Landing pages are not required but in most campaigns a landing page is used to present the user with a presell of the offer or offers to increase conversions. 

Creating your Campaign

To create your first campaign go to the Manage - Properties - Campaign and click on the red button Add Campaign

Campaign Settings 

Fill in and select the following campaign settings. You can choose the default settings to create a simple campaign. All settings can also be changed after the campaign is created and it will not affect the existing traffic. 

  • Team - Useful if you have more than one person in the organization, Teams allow you to separate campaigns to protect the data and to group reports by teams.
  • Campaign Name - A name to identify and search for your campaign.
  • Traffic Source - Assigned Traffic Source for the campaign. All traffic to the link will be associated with the selected traffic source.  
  • Target Country - The country you are targeting in your traffic source. Used for reports and filtering only. Does not affect the visitor.  
  • Tracking Domain - Domain assigned for the redirect link on this campaign. Changing the Domain will not affect the old links in use.
  • Tags - set tags to easily group campaigns for report segments and filters. 

Campaign Path Setup

Select your default campaign landing page and offers. The selections here are only used to create your default paths. The destinations and offer link count can be easily changed if you wish to add rules, rotations or add and remove links.

  • Direct Offer - changes the destination selection to an offer instead of a landing page. 
  • Landing Page -  An example use would be a funnel campaign with many offers or product review campaigns that the user can click on different offer links.  
  • Offer Links - Total number of links to be created on your campaign. This number can be changed at anytime.
  • Offer Link Selection -  The links destination offer that the user will be redirected too. This offer can be changed and rotated anytime.

Save your Path 

To complete the campaign path setup click on the red Save Button. Congratulations your first campaign is now successfully created. You can click on the link icon to grab your campaign link to start tracking your destination and offer links.

Visit our Campaign Knowledge base to learn more about the campaign controls and their endless advance capabilities like rules, offer and landing page rotations, direct offer linking, advanced landing page funnels, saved campaign paths, and much more.

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